Organismes marins tropicaux

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Ocean salinity is a key parameter of the freshwater cycle of the earth system. It influences the ocean circulation by acting on the density field and is also used as a tracer of water mass origin.  Ocean salinity is one of the Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) identified by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS).   

The SNO-SSS (Sea surface Salinity  Observation Service)  collects and validates SSS measurements derived from Voluntary Observing Ship programs. It also makes available research products such as along track datasets in the southern ocean and gridded field climatologies of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. SNO-SSS is part of SOERE-CTDO2.

French Research Ships have been collecting thermo-salinometer (TSG) data since the early 2000 in contribution to the GOSUD programme. The set of homogeneous instruments is permanently monitored and regularly calibrated. Water samples taken on a daily basis are later analysed in the laboratory and used to perfom the delayed mode processing. SSS-FReSh activity is part of SOERE-CTDO2.